Rules & Regulations

College Rules

1) All the Students shall comply with the college rules and regulations.
2) Students are required to maintain high moral values.
3) Students should be punctual for their lectures, clinical class, lab work or demonstration.
4) Minimum 75% attendance is required to appear for Final Examination held each year by the University.
5) A written confirmation should be forwarded to Head of the department for leave or absence from college. In case of illness medical certificates by only qualified practioners shall be considered. 6) Fee must be paid every year in advance.
7) If a student wishes to leave the course before the completion. He shall pay entire fee for the course.
8) Students are not allowed to send any communication to the authorities outside the college or within the college students or staff without written permission from the principal, all the communications shall be addressed to the Principal and Principal shall forward it as required.
9) Hostel facility is available on first cum first basis .And any up gradation in room category shall be allowed only upon written permission.
10) No student shall practice or prescribe any medicine to any patient before completion of the course.
11) Students are not allowed to accept any gifts in form of cash or kind from any patient in the hospital.
12) Students are not allowed to bring their parents inside the hostel. Parents shall stay inside guest house only after written permission.
13) Students are required to wear uniform of the college.
14) Students are prohibited for the following activities:
- Possession of any kind of Drugs.
- Smoking.
- Drinking of Alcoholic beverages.
15) This is an Anti- Ragging or ragging free college. So no kind of ragging is allowed under any circumstances.
16) Decision of the Management Committee shall be final decision and shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the affairs of the students.
17) In case of any grievances or dispute the matter shall be resolved only by the dispute resolution committee. So all the matters must be first forwarded to the Dispute resolution committee.
18) Management Committee of college has all rights to modify the existing rules at any time without any notice.

Hostel Rules:

1) Students are required to maintain discipline in the Hostels.
2) No Kind of Drugs shall be consumed or possessed by Hostel students including alcoholic beverages.
3) Students shall be responsible to keep the rooms in the same position as were at all times.
4) No student shall leave the hostel facility without any written permission.
5) Possession of Arms and Ammunition is strictly prohibited inside the Hostel.
6) All the Hostel Charges shall be paid for every year in Advance.
7) All the electric equipment and Air Conditioners shall be switched of while not in use or while leaving the room.
8) Cooking inside the Hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.
9) Students shall avoid all kind of Fight and Quarrel inside the Hostel.
10) No student is allowed to enter inside Girls Hostel without any written permission.