Homeopathy Starter Course at HMC Abohar.

Description of Course
Homeopathy is an alternative medical science and has got confidence of billions of people worldwide. Homeopathy is an art of life. As by learning Homeopathy one can Learn the way to lead Healthy life and in orderto make the world a more healthy place. We at Best College of Homeopathy has decided to provide online courses in Homeopathy. Although with beginners course you will not be able to prescribe Medicines of Homeopathy but you will be in a better place to know about Homeopathy. This course will teach you about Homeopathic medication for day to day conditions like Cough, Cold, Flu, Head Ache, Vomiting, Sneezing or other Simple Random Problems. With this course you will be in a better place to use Homeopathic Basic Kit and can always consult with our experienced and most professional Doctors for Telemedicine Prescription. So you can help treating people near you with our unlimited support.

What you will learn in this Course:

  • History of Homeopathy.
  • Effects of Homeopathy on Human body.
  • Homeopathy as Life and Medical Science.
  • Basic Medicines of Homeopathy.
  • Be able to take cases in order to report for tele medicine.
  • Learn usage of Basic kit of Homeopathy.

Course will Include:

  • Online Content.
  • Case Studies.
  • Unlimited Consultation.
  • Orientation.

Basic Qualification: Atleast Higher Secondary.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Those who wish to pursue as Homeopathic Doctors But are not sure yet.
  • Who wish To know more about Homeopathy.
  • Those who need to gain knowledge in Homeopathy.
  • Those wish to use benefits of Homeopathy in Daily Life.