At HMC Abohar we have world class Infrastructure, Which not only makes HMC Abohar Best Homeopathic College for BHMS but also 1st choice of students in India. In terms of Infrastructure, HMC Abohar is not only oldest college of Homeopathy but also Homeopathic College with best Infrastructure in entire India.


Lush Green 20 Acre Campus: College has a lush Green Campus spread across 20 Acre free from any kind of pollution. With all facilities inside the campus, vast land area of the college helps student in overall development. College campus has not just different lawns and Gardens but also a well maintained herbarium which helps students know about various sources of medicines. Students get to know more about medicinal plants and there growth cycles which enable them to know more about homeopathic Medicines. Herbarium holds around 40 medicinal plants in all season’s. Area wise HMC Abohar is Largest college of College of Homeopathy in India. In Campus HMC Abohar holds Hostels, Research Centre, Administrative Blocks, Academic Buildings, Play Grounds, Dispensary, Principal Residence, Guest House's, Servant Quarters which makes HMC Abohar, Homeopathic college with highest number of facilities under one roof or we can say most futuristic homeopathic college.

Administrative Block: HMC Abohar is has a separate and most responsive administrative block among all Homeopathic colleges. With Separate Administrative Block all the administrative works are handled dedicatedly and separately without any disturbance or interference with the academic part of the college. In order to provide admission support and services like scholarship and Financial assistance or student loans, Administrative block provide round the clock support to all the students. International Student centre makes HMC Abohar most student friendly campus of Homeopathy for International Students. Administrative block acts as a power house for the campus and is always ready to serve for any needs of the students or the staff.

In House Dispensary: HMC Abohar is equipped with in house Dispensary which not only provides Health care facilities to the people around the college campus. But is also a source of vast experience for the students of the college. Within House Dispensary the college is not just equipped with functional First Aid facilities but round the clock medical support for the students at Hostel. Which makes HMC Abohar safest Homeopathic College. With In House Dispensary HMC Abohar is equipped to handle all kind of Medical emergencies. In House Dispensary at HMC Abohar is running under the guidance and care of our worthy Principal Dr. Girdhar who Himself is MD at Homeopathy and is known in the fields of Homeopathy for his Integrity and experience in Homeopathy.

Air-conditioned Lecture Halls: Homeopathic Medical College Abohar is the only college of Homeopathy with Air-conditioned Lecture Halls. All the lecture halls are have controlled climate and has designed in manner that they do not stand out of the environment and nature rather they form the part of the nature itself. With fully Air Conditioned Class rooms HMC Abohar is first Choice of International students for doing BHMS. All the Lecture Halls are equipped with advanced equipments and modern furniture. Lecture halls with overhead projectors and digital boards. Homeopathy is a very practical Medical science which requires lot of focus and Patience, and pleasant environment in all the classes helps students to study in-depth concepts of homeopathy with clear focus and without any disturbance.

Wi-Fi Campus: Today Internet has become part of every subject. Especially Internet has helped a Lot in the field of Medical science. Medical Students can not only learn about the new path breaking inventions in medical science but also to discuss with various other medical students end professionals about various case studies. HMC Abohar is the only college of Homeopathy with 100% Wi-Fi coverage, which helps the students to use internet at all times. Which makes HMC Abohar one of the best or most technically advanced institutions.

Hostel for Boys and Girls: It is really difficult to find comfort of Home away from Home. But our Hostel is not just like any other boarding facility rather our Hostel is truly second Home away from Home. In the most serene and picture perfect surroundings we have Separate hostel facility for boys and girls apart from separate Hostel facility for International Students. Students can enjoy a vast menu of Food items at Hostel, which is tailor made to match the taste of students from different Geographical territories. Hostel has got Air Conditioners installed in around 20 rooms. All the rooms in hostel are equipped with ultra modern amenities and are backed by 24 Hrs. Power supply. Hostel premises are secured round the clock by armed men making HMC Abohar safest and most secure hostel and college for International students in India. Common Room, Play Area, Visitors Room, TV Room, Mess is some of the facilities which makes stay at hostel memorable and comfortable.

Gymnasium: Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Experts say intense exercise appeared to provide greater benefit for the brain than regular moderate activity. At HMC Abohar health of the students is paramount. In order to keep the students and faculty members healthy college is equipped with an in house Gymnasium. One can do aerobics , cardio or other exercises as per there requirement .The well equipped multi gym provides students the opportunity to build their stamina to be better able to cope with the rigors of college life, channelize their energies in a healthy way and also hone their physique. Membership to the gym may be availed by both students and staff members at extremely nominal rates. Multi gym makes Homeopathic Medical college 1st choice of International students as the level of fitness attained by students from this gym pushes college to the list of healthiest or most happening colleges in India.

Seminar Hall: Seminar Hall is equipped with advanced equipment and ultra modern equipment. Interfaced with overhead LCD Projectors and smart Audio Visual aid Seminar Hall is a technical Excellence. A well developed, aesthetic Seminar Hall boosts the confidence of young budding medical professionals to conquer their worst fear of facing and the audience. Our Seminar hall has served as a stage for various well known professionals and leaders of the society. As professional, Experts, Speakers and leaders of the Industry share their knowledge and experience students get a chance not only to learn from their experiences but also get connected to those who have impact on the subject and in the society. Seminar hall is like a nursery for the future professionals or industry leaders. Many among the well known has used our seminar hall to announce or share their path breaking experience, technology or Innovations.

Conference Room: Equipped with most advanced technical equipments and Modern furniture HMC Abohar has a conference hall which can accommodate more than 300 persons at a time. Students get a chance to interact with others and learn new and existing concepts of Medical Education. To be a successful person in life one has to be an eminent speaker and a patient listener. Students get a chance to be both speaker and listener with presence of this Conference Hall.

Guest House: India is a country where guests are believed and treated as god’s. And as we have students from far and near places so in order to accommodate our guests we have a well developed and Luxury guest house. Guest House Serves as host to visiting parents, Faculties and other dignitaries who visit the college. Situated in lush green laps of Mother Nature our Guest house is comforting and relieving. Positioning and scenic beauty of Guest House entertains guest in way that every stay is another memory for the visitors.

Cricket Academy: Sports play an important role in overall development of students. In order to make students physically tough and mentally developed sports are inculcated in daily life of the students. It helps children develop sense of friendliness and team spirit. Especially cricket is a sport which involves active interest of all the players. It shapes there body and make students strong and active. Cricket has always been a popular sport in India and there are young tendulkar and kapil dev in every village, town or city. Cricket Academy has been formed with a vision to grow young cricketing seedlings and provide students of Medical education also a chance to play sports, which generally they are deprived of. With well developed cricket ground, all the cricket equipments and well known experienced cricket coaches, professionals. HMC Abohar becomes only college with its own Cricket Academy and best sports facility.

Own Transportation: College has its own transportation fleet; Students need not to wait for private or govt. transportation for travelling for one place to other. As own transport facility provided by college makes it easier for the students from commute. Well maintained and air conditioned vehicles are available for students round the clock. Which makes it easier for the students in case of pick up and drop.


Administrative Block:
O.P.D (Out Patient Department) In order to provide best in the Homeopathy and provide a cost effective solution for medical ailments of common people, OPD department was established with different departments or functional units. Each department is equipped with different consultation rooms along with a well developed waiting area and Reception area for the patients or other visitors.

Homeopathic hospital is empowered with following Departments;

  • Medicine O.P.D.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology O.P.D.
  • Psychiatry O.P.D.
  • Surgery - ENT, Dental & Ophthalmology OPD
  • Pediatrics O.P.D.

In Patient Department: IPD is important not only towards providing advanced treatment to sick patient but also essential for providing quality undergraduate training for students and Paramedical students. The Institute has been rapidly building on the established infrastructure and improving on the equipments and services being provided at the Institute. This provides for better Health care facilities for our patients and makes our Hospital Best and most advanced and cost effective hospital in Abohar. HMC Hospital is a 50 bedded hospital having specially categorized wards with all distinguished care facilities to meet international standards for the patient care that can be provided only in Best Homeopathic Hospital. Hygienic wards with the socially trained nursing and paramedical staff gives an added advantage to serve better under guidance of highly professional team of doctors.

There are following wards and facilities at our IPD facility;

  • General Medicine (Male & Female) ward.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology ward.
  • Surgery (Male & Female) ward.
  • Pediatrics Ward.
  • Psychiatry ward.
  • Physiotherapy and Re-habilitation.

Dentistry: In order to help the students know more about various aspects of Human body and Medicines associated with it. HMC is equipped with a fully fledged Dentistry Department. Department is equipped with facilities like X-Ray, Auto-Clave and others things.

Physiotherapy: The Department of Physiotherapy spearheads education and patient care around the restorative science of physiotherapy. The Department of Physiotherapy collaborates with the students of medicine and other sciences. This fosters an academic enviornment where students learn and grow together. The Department cater to the Preventive, creative, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of the rural and poor people. Practical training to students is imparted at state of art Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre where a student gets hand on Practical training under the expert faculty of HMC Hospital. Physiotherapy lab is well equipped, sophisticated and modern equipment has been installed which are calibrated periodically.

Radiology: College hospital has radiology department. And the department has all equipment and is manned by well qualified and experienced technologists and radiologists .The goal of the department to give best of clinical information at all time with conscientious and scrupulous attention to patient safety and statutory requirement s. It is also our endeavor to make the undergraduate students aware of the vast imaging options available to the modern clinician. The broad goal of teaching the under graduate medical students should be aimed at making students realize the basic need of various radio-diagnostic tools in medical practice.

Yoga: In today’s world stress is the reason of various medical problems and to treat such patients it is necessary that the stress must be relieved, which cannot be attained just by medicines. Rather it has been proved that Yoga is a better option than other kinds of medicines. So in order to help students learn various yoga techniques and their impact on Human body. There is a fully fledged Yoga department with completely ventilated building premises and all modern equipments to understand various aspects of Yoga.

Naturopathy: Naturopathy department was established in the year 2008, and the students are made to understand the remedial connection between Human Body and Mother Nature .Department is equipped with various equipments required for Naturopathy. The department is Headed by Qualified and Experienced Faculty.

Clinical Laboratory: A medical Lab or clinical lab is a lab where pathology tests are carried out on clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. It is often said rightly diagnosed mean half cured, that is if the condition or the problem is rightly diagnosed it is considered that it is half cured. A well maintained and technically advanced lab was established in the hospital to help the student understand importance of diagnosis in decision making. The lab is replenished with advanced technical equipments as and when required in order to make students familiar with modern equipment.